About Karan

Professional background

Karan graduated from the University of Salford in 2006 with a First Class Honours degree in Health Sciences. During her final year she conducted research for Dementia UK (then known as Fordementiaplus) exploring South Asian carers’ experiences of services in Wolverhampton when caring for a family member with dementia.

This research led to her doctoral study at Keele University which explored how migration experiences impact upon caring for a person with dementia in the Sikh community in Wolverhampton. This biographical study highlighted challenges with access to, and experience of, health and social care services in the UK – with such experiences being strongly linked to their experiences as migrants in the UK.


Senior Lecturer in Dementia Studies

University of Worcester

In 2010, she became a Senior Lecturer in Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester developing bespoke dementia education programmes to support services to be culturally competent via a person-centred approach to dementia care. This work included working with one of the leading and largest social care organisations in the UK to support their service to become culturally inclusive and enable them to provide effective work in cross-cultural situations.



De Montfort University in Leicester

In 2015, she joined the School of Nursing and Midwifery at De Montfort University in Leicester to further develop cultural competency training and dementia care in education and research. In 2016, she was appointed the Dementia Lead for the School of Nursing and Midwifery at De Montfort University which involved ensuring the nursing curriculum and research agenda are reflective of local and regional challenges in dementia care.



Compton Care, Wolverhampton

In 2018, Karan was offered an opportunity to become a Senior Research Associate by the charity, Compton Care, on a 12 month project which investigated the views and experiences of the South Asian community in Wolverhampton when living with and caring for someone, with a complex and incurable condition. Passionate about improving the experience of services for the South Asian community, she accepted this offer.


Dementia Lead


University of Wolverhampton

She was appointed the Dementia Lead for the University of Wolverhampton in 2019. Her specialist role is designed to provide leadership for the development and delivery of dementia care curricula and research, promoting the development of a culturally competent healthcare workforce skilled in dementia care. In January 2023, she was appointed Head of the Health Research Centre for the Faculty of Education, Health and Well-being. 

As a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Karan has extensive experience of developing and delivering bespoke education and training programmes to support healthcare professionals and services to be culturally competent via a person-centred approach. Part of her education and training also involves understanding neurological impairment in dementia and how cognitive ability can be supported for such people. Karan is a strong believer that ‘dementia is not the death that leaves the body behind’ and that people with dementia can be supported to live well via creativity. Karan is also a professional dancer and is the co-founder of Eclectic Dancers. Her passion for dance and appreciation of the arts allows her to both combine and support creativity for improved mental health and wellbeing. Karan continues to develop the research agenda to not only support people to live well with dementia but to also do this in a culturally inclusive way.

Karan has also volunteered a lot of her time to supporting families living with issues that are considered taboo in the community, such as domestic violence and alcoholism. As a British born Asian woman, she understands the cultural expectations placed on women and does a lot of work to develop their confidence and assertiveness skills. Due to the lack of culturally appropriate services, she often voluntarily provides training and education with family members/carers of a person with dementia to help them better support their loved one.

awards + accolades

In March 2018, she was awarded the WOW Woman of the World in Professional Services for her work in dementia care with BAME communities. Founded by Nirmala Bhojani, WOW Women of the World Awards were set up to recognise and honour the women who make the world better by challenging traditions, being champions of change and ambassadors for women’s equality in every way they can.