Dr Jutlla has published in an array of academic arenas, with her work featured in a number of books:

Jutlla, K. & Kaur, H. (2019). The experiences of dementia in South Asian communities in the UK. In Truswell, D. (ed). Dementia in ethnic minorities. Jessica Kingsley; London.

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Journal Articles

Jutlla, K. (2023). Using co-production to create culturally inclusive dementia resources. Journal of Dementia Care, 31 (5), 23-24 Full Article

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Full Article

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Jutlla, K. (2021). Understanding the experiences of post-diagnostic dementia support for the South Asian community in England. Commissioned research by Alzheimer’s Society.

Full Report

Jutlla, K. Grant, M. & Kull, M. (2019). The CCUES Project Report: Complex and Incurable Conditions: Understanding the views and Experiences of the South Asian community in Wolverhampton. Compton Care; Wolverhampton.

La Fontaine, J. Jutlla, K. Read, K. Brooker, D. & Evans, S. (2013). The experiences, needs and outcomes for carers of people with dementia: Literature Review.



You can download a copy of her thesis from the British Library e-thesis online service: 

Reference: Jutlla, K. (2011). Caring for a person with dementia: a qualitative study of the experiences of the Sikh community in Wolverhampton. PhD Thesis: Keele University.

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Education & Training

With over ten years’ experience of working in the Higher education sector, Karan has extensive experience of developing and delivering bespoke courses, small and large lectures and seminars based on the latest research and evidence based practice.


As an academic, Karan’s research interests in the challenge of dementia care, particularly within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities have spanned nearly a decade.


As an independent consultant, Karan supports policy makers, and health and social care service providers to potentially address and deliver superb outcomes for a hitherto neglected but growing part of the community.